Bumble bees shouldn’t be able to fly. Geralyn shouldn’t be able to run. We do it anyway.


Spring 2014, pre-running

I was never athletic. I grew up a chubby, slightly awkward kid. As a young adult, I thought sports just weren’t my thing. I didn’t work out, and I’d certainly never run. “I’m artsy,” I’d say as my excuse.

In spring of 2013, I radically changed my diet and began losing weight. I initially tried a short exercise routine to expedite weight loss. I disliked working out and lacked motivation. That June, a friend challenged me to run a local 5K race, ten weeks from then. She hadn’t run since high school, I hadn’t run at all. “I’ll start on Monday,” she said.


June 21, 2015 after finishing my first half-marathon

The weekend passed, and I couldn’t get the crazy idea from my head, despite friendly advice that “5K is a lot longer than you think.’

“You really want to do this, don’t you?” I said to myself. And so, I bought a pair of runners that were on sale, downloaded the Couch to 5K app onto my phone, and set out on the first run of my life.

One year later, I ran my first half marathon. I’m not a fast runner. I don’t make it look pretty, or easy. Still, I can truthfully call myself a runner and an athlete.

This blog is an attempt to share my ongoing story in hopes that it will inspire others to work toward better health and fitness, and to attempt things they think are impossible. One bumblebee to another.

cabinrunGeralyn Wichers is a speculative fiction writer and blogger from Manitoba, Canada, who also moonlights as a manufacturing operator at a large factory. When she’s not wearing a respirator and handling hazardous chemicals, she is either training for the zombie apocalypse by running long distances, or writing about it (the apocalypse, that is… and the running).



  1. verna · July 18, 2015

    So encouraging…to.read , “I’m not a fast runner,.and I don’t make it look.easy or.pretty.” I’m proud of you….


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